Trains, Planes & Automobiles

Come And See the HUGE Free-Mo HO Scale Model Train Layout

Created by Southern BC Free-Mo HO Scale Trains

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 See the intricate 40 ft x 20 ft HO Scale model train layout and working model trains on the huge track,  set up by the Southern BC Free-Mo HO Scale Trains  model train enthusiasts.   If you have a fascination with steam locomotives and trains, then this is where you can fulfill your dreams!!!  Southern BC Free-Mo HO Scale Trains promotes HO Scale Trains to the public through public shows throughout the Fraser Valley and to form friendship with like minded enthusiasts.   


The portable module is 40 ft x 20 ft and has two tracks running electric, battery-powered steam and diesel, and live steam locomotives.  The smell of hot steam oil and puffs of live steam add to the realism of this model railroad.  The trains consist of flat cars, hopper cars, box cars, tank cars, heavyweight passenger cars, and cabooses.  Some of these cars have internal lighting.  The electric locomotives produce realistic operating sounds. 


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Create your very own model plane with help from the modelers club members!!! 

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Come and visit the Fraser Valley Scale Modelers Club's Model Making Center and watch and learn the art of assembling model planes, model trains and model automobiles..

The Fraser Valley Scale Modelers Club will be on hand with interesting displays of many of their model creations. If you have a model that you are having difficulties with, bring it down and let the club members help you with your problem.  This year we will also have model kits for sale, so you can buy one right at the show and let the expert model club members help you put it together.